“That is what death will be like, and oh what fun it will be!”

This is some rare TV footage of LSD research conducted in Los Angeles in 1956 by Dr. Sidney Cohen, which included an interview with Gerald Heard, an Anglo-Irish philospher who turned on a number of influential Americans in the 1950s. Among them was AA co-founder Bill Wilson, who thought LSD could help some drunks have a spiritual awakening. Wilson’s first trip was in this very room in summer of 1956 and was supervised by Dr. Cohen and guided by Mr. Heard. The whole story, and much more, is told in “Distilled Spirits — Getting High, Then Sober, with a Famous Writer, a Forgotten Philosopher, and a Hopeless Drunk” by Don Lattin, the author of the bestselling “The Harvard Psychedelic Club.”

Woman in 1956 on LSD and Gerald Heard Interview