Psychological healing within the visionary plant medicine paradigm holds exciting potential. One theory is that this healing comes as a result of the plants shifting our context to include a greater understanding of underlying unity.  This unity seems to be uncovered within during the experience rather than being precipitated from without.  It is as though plant medicines help clear away psychic garbage to allow mental and emotional clarity.  Within this clear awareness it’s possible to see that this clear whole awareness is health, and it’s our focusing on the garbage that makes our heads sick.

Taking these medicines can help cleanse the doors of perception to this unified reality, but it is common that when they wear off, the clarity disappears along with the lessons it afforded.  A goal then, is to continue the work of cleaning those doors after the medicine.

One trick is to remember that often the insights you learned with the plant were learned through a process of letting go and undoing.  It’s an uncovering of your true Self rather than an addition from somewhere, a removal of all those things that don’t reflect unity such as judgment, condemnation, prejudice, jealousy, greed and fear.  Visionary plant medicines escort you past these things so that you can remember your bearings, but it’s up to you to stop indulging in those weakening emotions; evolve your way beyond them.

The more you work on moving beyond negative emotional juice, the more momentum you build.  Your success builds upon success in moving out of this level, until you accrue enough energy to leave that field forever, graduating to higher fields of energy to manifest upon.

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Here’s a trailer for Neurons to Nirvana which is all about the need to move towards these powerful plant medicines: