People who don’t believe in God, aren’t sure about God or harbour doubts about their own beliefs, lack faith because there’s little evidence of an all-powerful God in most lives.  I dare say that’s because people aren’t aiming high enough in their seeking.  You’ll not find God enhancing the mundane because God is found in realms of glory.  You don’t expect a diamond in a random pile of excrement, but that’s basically how we’ve historically searched for God.

Don’t ask God to enter into the dismal picture of how you think life is and expect Him to make it better.  That’s like inviting the most talented interior designer ever to swing by and redo a burning house built on a foundation of sand.

God’s end-goal isn’t making the private little dream of your world happier, He’s interested in waking you up.  And you are asleep.  You are perceiving the world through a hypnotic trance inducing filtering mechanism called the ego.  It is the ego’s way to look for disintegrating things in your life (and in a world of form, everything eventually falls apart) and amplify the horror of its passing.  If you do make an attempt to remedy a situation, any relief is guaranteed temporary as the issue is not how your life is in reality, but the fact that you continue to look at it through the shit coloured glasses of your ego.

While you continue to look at the world in this same old way, you’ll never get evidence that supports the truth of something permanent and eternal like God.  How could I see anything but change while insisting upon staring at an hourglass? Primary aspects of the grandeur of God are wholeness and permanence, therefore you’ll never experience the proof you seek while siding with the impermanence, subdivision and judging of ego. And just like you can’t ride in two cars at once, you can’t know God’s immortal world while investing in the fleeting sandcastles the ego takes to be real. The two realms are completely incompatible.

The simple yet effective answer to our dilemma is forgiveness, but probably not the kind of forgiveness that first comes to mind, for if that worked, you’d already have no doubt regarding its effectiveness. True forgiveness can be described using again the metaphor of dream. Imagine a dream where your best friend murdered everyone you knew and loved. You experienced the ‘reality’ of complete personal devastation while you were sleeping, but upon waking, you breathed a sigh of relief; it was just a dream, anything your friend did was only thought real in your mind.  This is an example of actual forgiveness.

It’s tough to practice such forgiveness in the ‘real’ world of ‘waking life’ because we think to do so would be to lie to ourselves. There’s no way this world is as fake as that dream! may be the knee-jerk reaction of most.  But are you sure? Is it remotely possible you’ve been looking through a filter that skews your view of reality? If this is so, who are you once you renounce those shades of doubt for eyes that reflect only the truth of the situation beyond the veil of death?

While the ego is a dog bringing you scraps of guilt, pain and fear; to stop picking up what that beast is throwing down is to wake up to What Is True In What You Are.  Those words are capitalized because they’re symbols meant to reflect the Otherworldly Glory you re-member as you continue to denounce and forgive the dream of separation.  As you do, the dream of your life surely becomes a happier one, filled with more light, comfort and security, until you forever erase the ludicrous question of God’s existence and Become The Answer you’d been seeking.