It’s pretty easy to see the weird thing in the famous Double-Slit Experiment that gave birth to basic quantum understanding and get slightly baffled by its implications. Here are links to a couple of great introduction videos relevant to this post:

Dr. Quantum – Double Slit Experiment – Fun Cartoon!

Double Slit Experiment Explained – Physicist Thomas Campbell

This one is more advanced, but not much, and once you ‘get’ the implications of the outcome, that future events can affect past events, oh man…
Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser Experiment Explained

If you don’t watch a video, please carry on nonetheless. 😉

So now I hold out my hand and invite you to make a leap with me —  You know how the results of the double slit experiment changed based on whether or not there was an observer observing the experiment?  It seems through the very act of observing, we are contributing to the outcome of how our ‘reality’ unfolds all the time.  We are continually picking certain options, and not others, out of an abstract cloud of potentials, to make only certain outcomes manifest objectively. It kind of lines up with common sense, like if you look at a tree from a distance, one leaf doesn’t stand out from any other leaf.  But if you purposefully move closer, focusing on one single leaf, even removing it from the tree, all of a sudden, that particular leaf has taken on a new level of importance to you.  You’ve taken a tree, which is analogous to a wave of a bunch of potential, and collapsed onto a single particle, the leaf, permanently affecting the cosmos forever.

Well, duh! you might say, of course I get what I focus on, if I want a leaf, I’ll go grab a leaf, it’s simple! That’s true, but the flip-side is that before you focused on that leaf like you did, it didn’t exist as it did. You took an abstract wave of potential, and collapsed it hard into a new reality it wouldn’t have had if you hadn’t played your role. The give and take between observer and observed is a dance, back-and-forth, precipitating potential into actual, the existence of this very universe entirely dependent on both sides of the equation.

This concept becomes staggeringly important to you personally when you consider the observational effect you have on thoughts passing through your own head. Without much imagination you can recognize that limits to imagination do not exist. The playing field of your own mind is limitless imaginal potential. It’s fair to say that mind is the only level where any creation is actually taking place. Even when you created a new universal twist by focusing on a particular leaf, your mind first acts, imagining a way to the tree; choosing which leaf the body was going to grab. The body is somewhat a puppet compared to the powerful puppeteer of the mind. So beware of drifting thoughts… Our environment is chock-full of shiny things with ulterior motives vying for your attention, because attention alone astronomically increases the chance you’re going to collapse into alignment with their ideal agenda for you. Whether this means getting you to buy a car or buy into a war, there are plenty of traps set off by tripping that wave function the wrong way.

So what? Is there good news to this?  Imagine your brain/spinal cord, and the thinking apparatus it constitutes, is like a lightening rod/radio transmitter/receiver, vibrating with electricity in an endless ocean of potential, the very stuff that makes up life. Forget about waves, we’re talking about you being the middle of an an infinite sphere, the center of which is everywhere, the circumference nowhere. Your only method of navigation/creation? Your only method of deciding what, out of infinity, you experience? Collapsing a potential, into an actual, by observing it. Whether you’re observing with the five perceptual senses, or the ‘inner vision’ of your mind, you are the sole orchestrator of what gets your focus. It’s fair to say, that the power of decision in this respect, is the only actual power you have in your whole existence. How’s that going for you?

Are you collapsing a reality where you are at peace, secure in the remembrance of your importance as a witness in the perfect centre of creation and therefore manifesting that reality? Or are you worried about ebola? Have you woken the freedom to think lofty futures, ones where peace on earth prevails, and all suffering has been recontextualized into the warning system and invitation to change that it is? Or are you pissed off at your neighbour and some propogandized culture on the other side of the world?

Of course a certain momentum has built up in our lives while we’ve been ignorant of the fact we are gloriously responsible for every aspect of our experience. How are we to put the brakes on this miscreation?, because it’s hard to manifest potentials of peace when you’re being bombarded with endless images of war, poverty, and suffering… Exactly! We need to unplug. It’s called programming for a reason. Conspiracy theories aside, it simply doesn’t make good business sense, when the goal is profiteering above all else, to remind people that they are perfect in every way, whole, and entirely capable of attracting every good wish. Most basic sales courses teach to find a wound and magnify it, then show the prospect how your product will sooth that symptom you just created. Therefore, when trying to collapse a new now that includes the remembrance of your perfection, stay away from those things that are trying to lure you into a ‘reality’ where misery means profit.

Think about others the way you would like to be thought about might be a better commandment; perhaps too radical for that time (you wouldn’t want to get yourself killed…), but J was definitely pointing to the same underlying truth of personal reality creation when he said things like ‘let thine eye be single for the good’ and ‘that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart’.  That’s the collapsing a tawdry wave function. In fact, wasn’t the first ‘sin’ to neck back the fruit that allowed you to ‘judge good from evil’? You’ll notice a whole lot of ‘and it was good’ regarding creation in that book until mention of bad fruit. Perhaps it wasn’t judging things as good that was the trip-up in the equation, as there seemed to be a lot of good going on already. Maybe the ‘judgement’ that had us all evicted from paradise was simply that first collapse of the wave function that included forgetting our role as co-creator. A tiny, mad idea slipped in like a snake asking stupid questions like, ‘what if, what is, wasn’t?’ [Wait for it…] This allowed a blip of misperception for the first time, which wouldn’t have been a big deal, (just focus again on the ‘good’), but we took falsity as truth, and we’ve been suffering the consequences of naive miscreation ever since.

Moving forward, practice vigilance for only perfection and things that reflect it. Collapse the potential of limitless thought around you into droplets of experiential perfection. Make moves every day towards mastery of thought and action. The phantasmagorphic circus of distraction that makes up the world at large is going to tempt you every moment, begging you to once again take up your little, sick, image of yourself. Decide otherwise. Decide to remember that the Kingdom of Heaven is within you, all your problems were solved before the problem even entered your awareness, think about it, play with it, and collapse that Heaven so hard it spills into our shared experience on beloved Earth.


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Editorial note: I think the title would be slightly more correct if I changed the word ‘Thinking’ to ‘Focus’ as I believe thinking can take place at the level of the wave and ocean too, as abstraction, with no definitive focus, but I think I’ll keep Thinking here, because perhaps it sounds and looks better while conveying essentially the same message.