I want to bring relativism to awareness. It seems to have infected our logic as a culture, and it has real and potentially dangerous consequences as it takes us away from any true foundation. Relativism is encapsulated in Hamlet’s saying that “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” It’s important to see that on one level, this is true, and can actually be leveraged towards a very empowered life, but there is a level of life where this saying is not true at all, and we forget this at our own peril.

If I pour battery acid on a houseplant, it will kill it. The life that is in that plant will exit. No matter how strongly I believe that acid will be good for a plant, my thinking will not make it so. This was parodied in the movie ‘Idiocracy’ when it showed a future world, run by celebrity politicians, who decided electrolytes were good for people, so let’s give them to our plants, killing all the world’s agriculture. They were at the point of starvation, remaining oblivious as to why, until someone from the past, with ‘ancient knowledge’, wakes them up and they start using water instead of ‘Gatorade’ on their crops again. Everyone who sees that movie will shake their head at how on point a 2006 Mike Judge movie has turned out to be in a much shorter timespan than predicted…

We need to be careful about making sure our logic has a grounding in truth, so as to not let it steer us off a cliff. Logic is a dangerous tool when it forgets to align with the truths of what’s good for life. The German Nazi platform in the 1930’s made perfect logical sense to a population who chose group identity over honoring the greater truths of our being.

The logic of the world at large seems unhinged in the relative truth that we are separate entities, and it’s survival of the fittest; kill or be killed. Almost all our logic takes off from ‘I am separate from you, and I will act accordingly’. We’ve needed this historically, it’s gotten us to a certain stage of development.

And now, our science, which is, at its best, a meticulous investigation of how the observable world works, has now proven that in fact, we are not separate entities. We’re more ’empty space’ than anything else, and the empty space in you is identical to the empty space in me. Meditation is another avenue to knowing his. (At first glance it may seem empty, but it’s teeming with possibility.)  In this way science has brought us to ‘spirit’, forcing honest materialists to look to the invisible, ephemeral, and ineffable for answers. What is the nature of void is the same question Buddhists have posed for centuries, the Abrahamic religions state that in the beginning there was void too. The Word with God, vibration on top of stillness and voidness. Shiva from the Hindu region is called That Which Is Not.

Scientific investigations and spiritual inquiry have shown that we’re like one ocean, and out of this ocean, different waves appear. Each one of those waves, on the surface, appears unique, but in reality, we’re all the same ocean. We come from the same stuff. In that regard, anytime any of us suffers, all of us is suffering on a certain deep level. Waves may rise out of the ocean, even identify with another grouping of similar waves, but the level that matters in truth, is we’re all one ocean, and you’ll be ‘judged’ through relation to that truth. Not because something is judging you, but because there is nothing else to relate to but the truth of our unified being. Just like water is more life-supporting than acid, we’re all in this together, and to act contrary to that in any way, does a life harm. It sets one back. This sheds light on historic myths that share the theme that we need to do to others what we would like to have done to us. Karma is a bitch or a beauty accordingly.

When you look at all our great stories as a people, the myths of humanity, they’re all encoded with a message that aligns with this truth of our unity. It’s like our artistic ancestors, those myth creators, wanted to pass us empowering ways to be with each other that were conducive to the flowering of life. These myths invite us to honour both the power of the individual to overcome any hardship that befalls them, plus the reality of living within a unified human community. The tales tell stories of people overcoming hardships to become all they can be so that a more developed ‘hero’ then becomes a boon to society as a whole. The right-leaning power of the individual supports and is supported by the leftist whole. Peace ensues. Happily ever after.

These tales are a map away from battery acid and towards water. We’ve been left hints, and our history is rife with examples of the price we pay for ignoring life supporting truths. We are at risk of putting false idols, incorrect or incomplete ideas about how things are, ideologies, above reality, and that always ends in suffering, plagues even, that hindsight always shows could have been avoided if we’d listen to what our history teaches about such things.

Postmodernism has a way of making manifest a certain disdain for the way things have been done in the past, even if those ways were supportive and there for a reason. I think postmodernism has been around for a long time and is the same spirit that took us away from a certain tribal and communal nature I’m sure we once had. I think it was probably an ancient disdain for an old way that shattered the ‘western’ tribe in the first place. Bringing about the ‘Fall from Grace‘ event that’s alluded to in the myth called Genesis.

I used to feel as though the fix to all the systemic woes that infuriated me so badly was to tear down the whole thing. In other words, tear down this whole ‘stupid white men’ ‘patriarchal hierarchy’, as it’s being referred to these days. Through continued deep examination and search for real solutions, I’ve now developed a more nuanced view, rooted in some of our ancient wisdom, that it would make much more sense to get rid of the dirty bathwater without throwing out the babies, or the value in what’s been accomplished within our civilization. Marry the right’s ‘masculine’ self-reliance and individualism, with a lefty ‘feminine’ recognition and place within a holistic tribal community.

Some things myths and history have clearly warned against that we might be informed by today:  Are the tales of the destruction of civilizations that became too decadent and overextended themselves. People and civilizations getting devoured by their own lust, desire, and greed. Having a certain behavior you demand out of everyone else but are less than perfect with yourself. Identity politics and the dangers that spring up around more strongly identifying with a subsection of society, rather than in relation to the world and nature as a whole. The price you pay by breaking ‘rules of nature (aka God)’. This is exemplified today as force being used under the guise of political correctness to promote ideologies with no basis in fact. Ignoring long understood and proven biological realities, for example, so as to prop up ideological agendas, that if allowed to play out could cause more suffering and confusion than it aims to eliminate. There is a cause and effect nature built into everything which means it is impossible to violate these laws of nature without suffering the repercussions. Equilibrium is part of the crux of creation, and if you get off balance, it shall be righted.

Even within the last 100 years, our history has shown the dangers of what happens when a government aims to control the words you’re able to use. It never ends well. Not once. Ask the hundreds of millions of people who died under totalitarian rule, judged guilty via identity politics, in just the last 100 years. These mistakes should be fresh in our mind still! Don’t lump people into groups and assign guilty verdicts based on broad-stroke group identity! That has NEVER gone well for humanity. Prejudice in this way leads to genocide.

We need to embody a consciousness that puts us above the superficial illusion that our appearances, sexuality, or cultures make us fundamentally different from one another, and get rooted in our similarities. We all want to feel safe, loved, fed, supported, in community, happy, satisfied, with the freedom to grow in life. We all want that. I don’t care if you’re born in the Middle East, China or Delaware. We all want the kids of our generation to be better off than we were. We want a certain stability in our civilizations so we might have a proper framework to conduct business and life with each other. A certain integrity to everyday life we can rely on. None of us wants to worry about their family getting taken out by drone strikes or suicide bombers. None of us wants to lose their best friend or daughter to suicide.

We Are One. We have no bloody idea what we could do together once we truly act from that truth. None. It could catalyze staggering and unfathomable transformation in our world so quickly we wouldn’t recognize ourselves in a year. We just need to start treating each other the way we want to be treated. More than that, MORE IMPORTANTLY, we need to THINK ABOUT EACH OTHER THE WAY WE WANT TO BE THOUGHT ABOUT. This is a real bitch for most people. We’re freaky harsh and judgmental, and it stands out painfully when we try to become aware of it so as to change it, but it’s worth the effort on the most important levels.

I want to be thought about with compassion, leeway for my foibles, with an expectation of health, success, and happiness. I want people to expect great things out of me, because I’m a human being, and we’re each capable of staggering acts of loving kindness. Even if I truly fuck up, I want a chance at forgiveness and redemption. If ever caught in the act of fucking up, I want to be corrected in whatever way will benefit my being in truth.

I may slip from extending you the favour of thinking of you in this way, a lot of momentum has built behind the programming that says you and I are separate, but this is my compass. I know it is in my best interest to think of you and act towards you, in the way I would like to be thought about and treated. If I get out of alignment with that truth, the pain of that misalignment makes itself instantly know, and correction will soon follow.

Now you know where I stand. I am rooted within and standing upon firm ground. My foundation is not relativistic, what is good for life, is good for all life, and we’ve been given many tools to know when we’re in alliance and harmony with those facts. I think the blanket mental illness we’re seeing across our culture is a warning system going haywire trying to get us back into proper alignment with that which will heal then support us to new heights.

Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so is an invitation to see the good. There is always the seed of the potential for good in every single ‘disaster’. Our divine right to choose that good over the potential, then manifestation of, fear, darkness, or ignorance of this truth, is our divine heritage and pathway Home.

It is my prayer that this might bring you some peace rooted in what is ultimately very good news for us all. There is an intelligent force for good that is ever present, so powerful it never stops supporting the functions of all life, and you can align with it so as to become more aware of it then leverage it, even form a partnership with it. Let thine eye be single for the good so as to be vigilant for this Presence. You and the Creator are One.

Sure it’s just a blog post, but look up the Butterfly Effect. Love to you, friends. I hope your life is blessed with perpetual, awesome, gratitude.

Take care,