One of the most exciting frontiers of the psychedelic renaissance is exploration through microdosing. This means taking a miniscule dose of a psychedelic substance, an amount so small that it is almost sub-perceptual, and experiencing any grace it might offer. Oftentimes with high dose psychedelic experiences the level of astonishment and awe are so profound that there is no framework with which to contextualize or even recognize what lessons or insights were gleaned once you return back to your normalized level of consciousness. You may experience unity and oneness with all and be shown the secrets of creation, but your baseline personality writes those lessons off as a novelty with no practical applications to your daily life because of their sheer profundity. ‘Integration’ has been a buzzword at the psychedelic therapy conferences I’ve been a part of in the last few years. How do we take the profound and potentially life-changing lessons these plant medicines are giving us and turn them into practical applications which better our daily lives?  Enter the microdose.

My first experience of microdosing was almost by accident. The Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seed is a pea-sized brown seed which contains d-lysergic acid amide, a close relation to LSD. The woman who sold them to me told me to take six or so seeds to experience a full effect, and I’m not sure I ever did take more than four or so at a time, but at this point in my life I was walking a lot, from East Vancouver to Burnaby, almost two hours one-way everyday and decided one morning to take just one of those seeds for the walk into work. The effects were subtle, almost sub-perceptual as I’ve mentioned, but there was definitely something happening. The colours were brighter, things appeared more whole and perfect in and of themselves, and my mind seemed stretched just enough to give me several valuable insights. All this occurred as I went about my day, walking to work, working in an office environment, and there were still subtle effects as I walked home that day. There was nothing overwhelming about the experience, nobody I came in contact with had any clue what was going on; it turned out to be a mild perceptual enhancer and seemed to have an excellent anti-depressant quality.

You know those days when you say at the end of it, “Wow, that was a really good day!”? That’s kind of what you can expect from the microdose. There is just so subtle an opening in consciousness, that it becomes easier to steer your mood into joyful state. That joy might come with curiosity, or fascination, or pure intelligence; you might be more inspired, whatever it is that happens, I’ve noticed it has the capability to put me in a empowered mental state. Once you’re in that joyous, on-top of your game state, things might start happening more smoothly for you. To-do lists you’ve been procrastinating on might end up done, or maybe there’s a phone call you’ve been meaning to make? Once in that joyous flow state, don’t be surprise if the phone rings, and it’s exactly the person you’ve been meaning to speak to. Plus, now that you’re on the phone with them with this open state of mind, the best words seem to flow out of your mouth, and a very powerful conversation ensues.

This happened once when a major governmental body called me up and started enquiring about my business and it’s practices. It’s a phone call I’d been dreading since Liberty Root’s formation. A dragon I’d been waiting to pounce. She called and said, “Hi, this is _____ from [Big Federal Agency].”  Whoa.  I had ingested a tiny sliver of a psychedelic that morning and was definitely feeling more expanse because of it, I’d been doing some creative work, so I quickly had to reel myself in a bit to carry on this important conversation. Rather than panic, I simply dropped to my knees, and focused on my heart, letting go of all fear.

“Hi _____!”, I replied.  “How are you today?! Where are you calling from? Oh, awesome!  So you’re experiencing the same amazing weather we are, eh? That’s great. How can I help you?” After three more pleasant conversations with _____, I got the verbal thumbs up to be doing what we’re doing from this big fed.

I hope I’d be able to do the same thing, establishing a friendly relationship that engendered her wanting to help me if I hadn’t taken that sliver of medicine, but the point is more related to the bigger picture, to the synchronicity that lead to the phone ringing that day at that perfect time. Taken within the context of this one particular incident, it’s easy to write it all off as ‘just a coincidence’, but as your time microdosing is a bit more frequent, you’ll see that the coincidences seem far from random.  The microdose mood may be a Law of Attraction amplifier.

In speaking to a colleague about the microdose she hit on a great point:  take the medicine so that it stretches you, you can work out what’s bothering you, letting it go while in the microdose state, do that enough with these small quantities so as to let go of enough garbage to make that more enlightened state permanent.

The Microdose