It’s been my observation so far in life, that when people, whether friends, family, or strangers I hear about, get diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease, like cancer, the diagnosis is so fearful and debilitating, that they turtle, and submit to whatever conveyor-belt of a treatment their well-meaning, yet systemically bound, western doctor throws them into. While there are many ailments I would go running to traditional western medicine for, emergency, first-aid type situations, for example, there are other, systemic ailments, again, like cancer, where it might be best to take a step back and look at the larger picture, before subjecting yourself to the knife and radiation therapy that is the standardized model you’ll find in most hospitals in North America.

Be informed.  There are amazing success stories of people who overcame their cancer through means like nutrition. Imagine how much health you’d be inserting into the equation of your life by drinking 12 glasses of fresh pressed juice every day. The simple power of giving the body what it needs, as opposed to what it’s been craving because of it’s misuse, can shift momentum in your bodies systems very quickly, thus eliminating any imbalances.

It’s best to shift into this paradigm of health now, rather than waiting until you’re diagnosed with something you could have been preventing through a healthy lifestyle.

Here’s a top ten list for films with information like this:  Top 10 Cancer Documentaries 

Here’s a selection of resources to make yourself familiar with, so you’re not scrambling the next time you hear the ‘C Word’ bomb dropped:

Some science on how cancer and cannabis work together:

How Cleansing Cures Cancer: Evita Ramparte’s Story from Allison Biggar on Vimeo.