The intention a person puts behind the use of a psychedelic is what’s going to determine whether or not that psychedelic becomes a medicine, or a party drug.  Youthful experiments with psychedelics is not to be totally frowned upon, as that’s where most of this generation developed their appreciation for these powerful tools, but the downside of partying is that the lessons and healing potential of these medicines can be lost in the noise of the party.  Not to mention the notorious ‘bad trip’.  Without proper intention, psychedelics can be used as just another distraction, rather than an enlightening tool that sheds awareness on the world and a person’s place in it.

Ibogaine is an excellent plant medicine to be used for addiction interruption as well as for psycho-spiritual purposes.  There is lots of anecdotal evidence that indicates ibogaine has the ability to give a person a psychological ‘reset’, breaking them free from ingrained patterns of thought and behaviour.

Personally, I can attest to ibogaine being a very exciting tool for spiritual understanding and healing.  Experiencing a direct line to the ‘Power and the Glory’ of your inherent Divine Self is a transformational process.  For the majority of people on earth, tied to and believing in the maya or illusion of everyday ‘reality’, to be given a glimpse of our true, perfect nature, is the epitome and only actual source of total healing.  To know your true place and identity in the universe, is to heal.  While I recommend a lifetime of spiritual work for ultimate health, it’s exciting to live in a world where ancient tools like ibogaine are available to cleanse the doors of perception, and hopefully shorten the journey home.

Ibogaine however, more than any other psychedelic, is debilitating, and can be dangerous when the proper precautions aren’t taken, which is why the correct set and safe setting are so important with this plant medicine in particular.  For more information about ibogaine for psycho-spiritual purposes, please contact Liberty Root.