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Opioid dependence is an all too common condition stemming from continued use of opioid pain medication, this affects roughly two million people in the US alone. Many people find themselves suffering the symptoms of opioid dependence through the treatment of chronic pain, injury or medical procedures. Opioid medications such as Vicodin, Percocet and OxyContin, to name a few, are widely, and unfortunately, too often over prescribed, leading many people into opioid dependence. Others find themselves suffering from opioid dependence through the misuse of pain medications or recreational use of other opiates such as heroin.  Opiod dependence is a medical condition which motions can be set into action after a relatively short time spent on opioid medications. Withdrawals can be extremely unpleasant and can last in duration from days to weeks, depending on the opioid used and for how long. Opioid dependence can be treated in different ways. Often, for long term users, doctors will prescribe an opioid substitute therapy such as methadone, or buprenorphine. Whilst these drugs do have advantages for stability in the user, they do however replace one dependency with another. They also carry significant side effects and are more addictive than the opioids that the user started with in the first place. Even after a successful detox many users with opioid dependence find themselves in a state of continues relapse, even when utilizing traditional twelve step support groups, and other forms of psychotherapy. One very effect tool that can be used to alleviate opioid dependence is the drug Ibogaine.

Ibogaine is a naturally occurring psychoactive found in the tabernathe Iboga plant. Iboga, used in its traditional West African context, is plant spirit medicine and also used in initiation rites in youth of the Bwiti spiritual practice. In western settings it is used to alleviate opioid withdrawal symptoms, and alleviate cravings in opiate dependant people for varying degrees of time, users of Ibogaine report profound insights into their personal lives which can greatly aid them through the recovery process from opioid dependence. whilst not a magic bullet, it can be a very effective tool in the struggle against addiction and dependence, it can have tremendous benefits in interrupting opioid dependence and in dealing with other addictive substances such as cocaine, methamphetamine, nicotine and alcohol.

Ibogaine therapy is provided in British Columbia by Liberty Root.  Ibogaine therapy is not for everyone, the process it in itself can be an arduous, cathartic journey. Ibogaine can only be administered to those deemed to be in relative good health after a series of medical tests have been taken. To find out more information visit www.libertyroot.net.