I do know there is One God.

One of It’s attributes is the intelligence in the sum total of all manifestation. In even a single blade of grass there is an intelligence present that never sleeps. It’s the same force orchestrating the galactic dance, and it never steps away from It’s responsibilities as perpetuator of all creation.

We’re equip with five teensie senses. We don’t even know how a grasshopper perceives, or an owl; we don’t know how a single cell in our own bodies actually work, let alone building one from scratch. Our most complex human creations are mud-pies compared to any ordinary rose. I don’t think it’s a super-natural thing I’m describing, it’s not outside nature, but the knowing involved is way beyond our potential for understanding while associated with minuscule human brains, so forgive if it seems a bit super. The universe as a whole IS super compared to us, with infinity as small as it is large.

One thing I know for sure, there is an intelligence way beyond mine ever present in even the life of an ant. I can sleep, and perfect harmony continues throughout my body; heart beating every second or so. I see the order and chaos, and I see that the inherent order is so sophisticated that my weensy human intellect humbly bows out and denies craftsmanship. And yet still, here I Am.

The word I use in reference to that magnificence is GOD.