My first time smoking DMT was one of the most moving and permanently life-altering events in my life. In a good way. I knew and felt perfection and still live with the knowledge that lesson gleaned me. I share that experience here.

As I watch this podcast by Amber Lyons and her guest, I can’t help but think of the sharp contrast this provides compared to the mass shootings and suicides committed by people who have been prescribed , and are taking SSRI’s. The bleeding irony here is that DMT is illegal in the U.S. and SSRI’s are not only legal, they’ve got a billion dollar marketing strategy behind them!

DMT is present in a widespread variety of plants, therefore, hasn’t nature then given it all the legitimacy it needs? Especially compared to Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors that are created in a lab, and haven’t shown any signs of long term effectiveness in treating the depressive diseases they claim to help with.

Watching this video I was struck by the importance of hearing about other people’s experiences with these medicines. Each story a piece of the tapestry that is the pathway to lead us back Home. Podcast