With the endless barrage of global problems paraded across our minds, it’s no mystery as to why we are depressed into thinking there are no answers. War after war, crisis after crisis, economic meltdowns, inflation, debt, rising jail populations, organized crime, terrorism and extremism, with corruption infecting our most important organizations globally. Without digging deeper, without a purposeful focus on potential solutions to these problems, a person is at risk of permanent distraction and being among those who were fooled into a lifetime of suffering submission.

Here are a few answers that, while easy to state as the answers, touch beliefs that are ingrained to the point of being dogmatic. But don’t say there are no answers…

1.  End drug prohibition

It simply doesn’t work to address any single problem. It never has, there’s no evidence to the contrary, this should be a self-evident truth by now. Not only is it completely and blatantly ineffective, it props up and is the fuel for massive violent crime syndicates, while criminalizing and locking up ordinary people with no penchant for criminality. The illicit drug industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, would you prefer it to be run by the Hell’s Angels or some organization with accountability like the government? Most of the anti-social behaviour that arises out of drug use is because of laws that force these substances and their users underground.  Bring addiction into the light by stopping people from having to hustle to avoid withdrawal, and you’re left with a person with an addiction (we’ve got a solution for that), not a criminal.

2.  Abandon the fractional reserve banking system

Did you know that our entire economic system is built upon debt? Did you know that if you give your bank $100 for them to save for you, they are then allowed to loan out $90 of that to someone else?  If you then ask for the $100 back, in simple terms, the bank doesn’t have that money to give to you anymore because they’ve loaned it to someone elsewhere. There are protections in place to prevent this from happening, (the biggest being the notion that not everyone will ask for their money at the same time) including agreements with governments, but where does the government money come from to bail out banks?  The taxpayers who were sold the false notions in the first place! It is the biggest ponzi scheme ever, and it is not sustainable, it shall collapse. Let’s be pro-active and implement a system that has integrity and exists in favour of billions of us, rather than a handful of bankers.

3.  Re-deploy all military resources and strategy towards ensuring basic human needs

How do you think the world would look today if the U.S. Military Industrial Complex had spend the last ten years as a benevolent ambassador, using all it’s resources towards feeding, clothing, and housing the citizens of the earth? How do you think the world would look in only five years if even a dinky Armed Forces, like the Canadian one, made this their mandate? The world’s problems are not related to resources, but priorities. Don’t complicate things. If you feed a man’s family and neighbors, he’s not going to blow up your office buildings.  The religion of a satisfied man makes no noise.

4.  Reverse environmental impact

We’ve been some greedy bastards. Fixing this isn’t rocket science.  Grab a garbage bag and walk out your front door, fill it, repeat, then see where this leads.

5.  Be faithful

Fear and faith are the exact same thing, they are expectations of things to come, they are simply aimed differently. Fear keeps you in a fight or flight state, where self-preservation at the cost of the whole is possible. Faith puts you in a state of open, cooperative, expectancy. Historically, destructive nationalistic agendas have been advanced by taking a population, polarizing it via fear against an internal or external enemy, then rallying around the destruction of that fearful thing. There is always blowback from this approach and it tends to create more problems than were initially present, which is exactly what those who are going to sell you solutions want to happen (see bankers above). There have also been creative and faithful nationalistic projects, like JFK announcing to the word that America was going to put a man on the moon within ten years, and it did. A world steered by fear is the world we are living in now and it is only through instilling faith in you, the individual, that the global orientation shall be restored to sanity.

6.  Simplified taxes

7.  Debt forgiveness

8.  No usury

9.  Small scale organic farming