A couple of months ago I had the privilege of attending a 5-MeO-DMT ceremony conducted by one of my friends/colleagues in the basement of a house that has been remodeled with hosting ceremony in mind.  It was a beautiful ceremony and it’s changed my life in a way I never would have expected.

On my way to the ceremony, which took place from about noon to six pm on a Saturday, I stopped and grabbed one of the new Tim Horton’s chicken sandwiches I’d been enjoying fairly regularly since they came out. Once at the ceremony, we seated ourselves in a circle and our guide spent an hour or so talking to us about the history of the medicine and it’s traditional uses in the Amazon.  She explained that the natives refer to it as Jaguar, a word that seems to be almost synonymous with energy itself, and after experiencing this medicine a couple of times, it does seem to very closely related to a pure light frequency, perhaps the purest…

We were broken up into pairs, with one of the pair ingesting the medicine first, while the other sat, and vice-versa. I was paired up with a beautiful Indian woman, a new acquaintance of mine that I had invited to the ceremony, and I went first.

The two common ways of ingesting 5-MeO-DMT are to either smoke it, or insufflate it. It’s a scary substance to work with if you don’t have the correct tools, namely a super-sensitive scale, as the dosage is tiny! only 8 to 10 milligrams or so. The hostess had a half-dozen or so small mirrors where she’s pre-cut the powder that she handed out to the sitters along with a straw.  She informed us that when you do snort it, you want it to stay in your nasal cavity, so it passes through the membrane there, rather than sucking it hard back into your throat. I snorted then waited with blindfold on and music playing as the substance took effect.

The first thing I notice everytime I’ve used this medicine is a sense of light. It is as though a glow starts radiating from my heart centre that grows to encompass all I know. Like the sun rising on an African savanna à la Lion King. A holy feeling of gratitude started pouring forth, making me laugh, and smile wholeheartedly. I sat up and into a meditative pose, which quickly turned into me on my feet, arms raised, in a posture of grateful worship.

As all this was going down however, I couldn’t get the chicken I’d eaten for lunch out of my mind. I could sense it’s life inside me, and I could feel that it had not had a good life. I could feel and knew that I needed to be more sensitive to the beings that I put into my body, careful not to entrain myself with low energies. I sensed that I was committing self-sabotage in some respects by eating beings with this heavy, polluted, life-energy about them. Here I am, living a life where I’m trying to become more energetic, whether physically or spiritually, and while I’m making big steps forward, putting such a low energy substance into my body as that miserable chicken would, from now on, be knowingly taking steps back.

The medicine wore off, we switched spots, and had nice social time afterward.

That chicken lesson has stayed with me ever since. For the couple weeks immediately after the ceremony, my behaviour didn’t change much, but any meat I did eat was not as enjoyable as times past. Then I went on a cruise with my wife for a couple of weeks in the Med. It was a great time; my meat consumption was minimal, and it had started grossing me out even more.

Once back from the cruise, I stopped eating meat completely. It’s now been almost a month, and I love it. I feel incredibly energetic, and I’ve had a lot of fun coming up with new recipes to try.  (Thank God for Indian food!)

What I find interesting about this whole experience is how these amazing spirit medicines work in ways that you might never imagine. I laughed at a story of someone who went to Mother Ayahuasca with a problem, they were cold every night and couldn’t see the way out of it. The medicine told her very practically, ‘put on socks’ and with this advice the intent of the journeyer was delivered. I go into every ceremony with the intent to be shown ‘the highest and best good for everyone’, and am always shown something that helps me down my path a bit. This time apparently, the highest and best good for everyone included this chicken.  God bless you chicken.