Ibogaine Canada:  For many years, people seeking ibogaine detox therapy saw traveling to Mexico as the only choice.  And while there are great providers in Mexico, the country itself comes with travel advisories for US and Canadian citizens.  This leaves people asking, “What about Ibogaine in Canada?” While ibogaine has been outlawed in the United States for decades, Canadian laws allow for its use, which is good news for those seeking ibogaine detox in a modern setting.

Liberty Root uses Ibogaine Therapy to assists addicts from all walks of life in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, just a short an 8 minute drive from the Canada/USA border with quick access to two international airports in Vancouver and Bellingham.

Visitors to Liberty Root for Ibogaine Therapy experience comfortable accommodations with their own private ensuite bathroom, excellent food, with considerations for all dietary restrictions, plus the facilities include a fitness centre, seasonal pool, and year-round hot tub.

Strict standards are adhered to during the ibogaine detox, with one or more Registered Nurse (RN) on hand, along with all the medical supplies needed for a treatment, including an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED), oxygen, IV fluids and a Level 2 first-aid kit.  Medical examinations required before the treatment include a 12 point ECG, a Liver Function Test, and a Complete Blood Count (CBC).

For more information about Ibogaine Canada, please visit www.libertyroot.net or call 1-855-694-2642 (1-855-MY-IBOGA).

For an introduction to Ibogaine, here’s a great documentary: