Liberty Root was contacted a few months ago by a lovely woman suffering with fibromyalgia, among other things. We were hesitant to treat her, as we didn’t want her to invest in something that wasn’t going to be effective, and this was the first we’d heard about ibogaine for this use, but she was persistent. We’re glad she was. Please check out her testimonial below.

“I first heard of ibogaine through my dad, who had PTSD and fibromyalgia like I did. I also had a long history of debilitating gut pain, including abdominal migraines. My dad had head migraines. I had been to numerous specialist neurologists and gastroenterologists, but none had really been able to resolve my chronic pain issues, or the food triggers that often increased my pain and were observed to be allergens to me.

My dad heard about ibogaine through a woman in Mexico who had not only been able to come off of narcotic medications through ibogaine treatment, but her treatment had also healed her fibromyalgia pain that had been the reason for her narcotic medications in the first place. My dad tried it first, and he had miraculous results. His PTSD, fibromyalgia, migraines, and neuropathy all either improved significantly or healed completely. I tried to get treated in Mexico, but due to supply issues the clinic I was headed to wasn’t able to treat me. I got determined and kept looking, and found Liberty Root.

I am so grateful to have gotten treated at Liberty Root. Their slow, incremental treatment options were perfect for my very sensitive systems. I was able to adjust to the medication without getting sick, and after my treatment I have experienced incredible healing. I released a lot of anxiety and no longer feel like I have PTSD. I feel like I can actually trust the elements and people around me now. I experience very little pain, including around eating, and my diet has been able to expand without triggering allergic or adverse reactions. I can eat in restaurants now! And I’m not always sick any more! I have significantly more range of motion now that my pain and stiffness have been diminished, and I no longer feel like I have fibromyalgia. I feel very grateful to Liberty Root for allowing me to more fully participate in life. Thank you.”