Last weekend I had the pleasure of participating in an iboga root bark ceremony put on by two acquaintances (now dear friends) I’ll call S & S.  I first met S & S two Octobers ago at the Ibogaine Providers Conference put on by the Global Ibogaine Therapist Alliance in Vancouver, BC.  When I first heard about their methods, I wasn’t so sure… They talked about ‘facilitating silence’ so that the participants could go deep within themselves throughout the ceremony.  I thought it sounded like a cop-out so that they wouldn’t have any real work to do.  Thankfully this didn’t curb my curiosity.

I’d known for a few months that S & S were visiting Canada again from the UK, but I wasn’t sure I was going to go. The price tag seemed pretty steep at $800 for a three-day event, and I have been going through some turmoil in my personal life, so while I felt the call, a decision had yet to be made.  Mr. Iboga stepped in however, and created an undeniable synchronicity (as is his way) that secured my spot.

I had to pick my wife up at the airport as she was returning from the UK from vacation.  I wasn’t planning on going into the airport, but her flight was slightly delayed, so I parked the car.  After greeting my wife, I turned to see a man I recognized as the one who was hosting the iboga ceremony.  He told me he was here to pick up S & S, and I was blown away.  I waited to say hello to them, and right away told them I’d be at the ceremony the coming weekend.

As the weekend approached we were informed to not drink coffee, or booze, or smoke cannabis, and to feel the iboga as it’s energy started to permeate your life.  A couple of days before the event I was informed the the guys needed a ride to the event, which I happily obliged.  I met them at their friends, stayed the night, and the next day we started early to the site of the ceremony, which turned out to be a beautiful house on the ocean on BC’s Sunshine Coast. There was a yurt on the property with comfy mattresses upon which we made our camp and relaxed until about midnight.

Around midnight the ceremony opened with some prayers and greetings, followed by the logistics of how the next couple of days would flow.  S then brought around iboga root bark, or The Wood, as they call it, and we necked it back. I’ve tasted the bitter root bark before, so I went straight to the capsule form and started with about four grams.  Every hour for the next 8 hours or so, S came around to see how we were and offered more root bark.  I took a total of 12 capsules over the course of this evening, and it was lovely.

I’ve done a lot of work with plant medicines over the last couple of years, and I’ve made a lot of positive changes in my life because of them.  These plants are tools we can use to see our deficiencies, but once we’re shown those shortcomings, it’s up to us to implement change.  Because I’ve been very good at implementing these changes, when I go to medicines now, I seem to get to go straight into the ‘heavenly’ realms of love and light.  My intent going into this ceremony was total disillusionment.  I wanted to see the truth at all costs, and to see beyond the limited confines of my ego.  I got this and more.

After 15 hours or so, some fruit was brought in which as warmly received by a lot of the 13 participants, then we stayed in silence for a few more hours until dinner was brought in on what would have been the Saturday evening.  After dinner, we were still again, and then late on Saturday night/early Sunday morning the ceremony ended with all of the participants, S & S, and their helpers, dancing ecstatically for a couple of hours, after which we slept to arise to a pristine Sunday morning.

It’s now Thursday, and I’m still rejoicing in the clarity and sheer intelligent nature brought about by The Wood. Ceremony of this nature is brutally lacking in our western world.  A sense of the sacred needs to be rekindled, nurtured, and shared in this world gone crazy.  Thankfully we have torch bearers like S & S to guide the way.