We at Liberty Root are happy to announce that we’ve helped facilitate the first Heantos opioid detox in Canada.

Heantos is a new herbal supplement from Vietnam that is showing incredible action in helping opiate addicts detox with minimal withdrawal symptoms. Initial anecdotal reports show that anywhere from 50 to 90% of withdrawal pains are alleviated by this therapy, which is non-psychedelic with minimal stress.

“Heantos is a polymolecular compound consisting of extracts of herbal products used by traditional healers in Vietnam to alleviate symptoms of opiate withdrawal. Given the apparent beneficial effects of Heantos reported in many self-report and open-design trials, there is an urgent need to shed light on the behavioral and neurobiological action of Heantos using preclinical experiments. We first assessed the possible abuse potential of Heantos itself, along with its effects on Morphine-induced reward, as well as its efficacy in ameliorating naloxone-precipitated withdrawal symptoms in morphine-treated rats. Using a Conditioned Place Preference (CPP) paradigm, we failed to observe a place-preference for a test compartment associated with Heantos and instead reported a place aversion, consistent with mildly aversive properties. Interestingly, Heantos given prior to morphine injections blocked morphine-induced CPP, whereas it had no effect when given prior to a test for the expression of morphine-induced CPP. Finally, Heantos significantly attenuated naloxone-precipitated withdrawal symptoms.” ~from the comments of the below videos.