Do you enjoy a hoot? Does it undo the fetters of the week, or day? Does it expand your consciousness into new realms of connection and understanding? Has it made you a more spiritual person; more compassionate; less aggressive? Has it saved you from other addictions, like one to alcohol, that most destructive and and dumbening of drugs? Does it take away your pain? Has it cured your cancer? Has it enhanced your love life or made mundane chores around the house engrossing? Has it given you the munchies and a heightened sense of taste? Made your video games just a little more rad? Has it enhanced your yoga or meditation practice; your appreciation of art? Has it enhanced your community, deepening connection to your friends? Has is been a bonding experience, passing around a doobie with a bunch of new acquaintances with the same respect for this sacred plant as you? Do you feel like a criminal or pariah because of love for this medicinal herb? Have you started to question all of societies laws because of the hypocrisy and misrepresentation on this level, by the same ‘government’ who tax alcohol and cigarettes, but throws non-violent pot smokers in jail? If so, check this out and decide whether or not it’s time for you to come out green.