The word ‘entheogenic’ means ‘generating the divine within’ and is often used to describe psychedelic plants and medicines like peyote, LSD, iboga, and ‘magic’ mushrooms. Jason Silva has created another beautiful video with spoken word, and this time it’s all about that en-theos and the plants that can help us open that gate to […]

Liberty Root Client Testimonial – How Ibogaine Has Transformed the Lives of this Mother and Daughter

It has been an honour to know and work with this amazing woman, Star, who was injecting heroin into her forehead after twenty years of abuse when she first appeared on our doorstep more than a year ago. Star’s mother was visiting Vancouver from London, Ontario last week and insisted she took the Liberty […]

Heantos – Exciting New Addiction Therapy from Vietnam

We at Liberty Root are happy to announce that we’ve helped facilitate the first Heantos opioid detox in Canada.

Heantos is a new herbal supplement from Vietnam that is showing incredible action in helping opiate addicts detox with minimal withdrawal symptoms. Initial anecdotal reports show that anywhere from 50 to 90% of withdrawal pains are […]

Magic Mushrooms Fixed Her! – Is Psilocybin the Anti-Depressant That Grows Out of the Ground?

A Patient Speaks from Patrick H. Murphy on Vimeo.

LSD to Treat Alcoholism

It is an inconvenient fact that one of the earliest prescribed uses for LSD was to treat alcoholism, so much for no medical use, which is why they tell us its is fair to lock someone into jail for using it.

Canada was a frontrunner in LSD research pre-prohibition. Check out this clip from Hoffman’s […]

Woman in 1956 on LSD – A Beautiful Awakening

“That is what death will be like, and oh what fun it will be!”

This is some rare TV footage of LSD research conducted in Los Angeles in 1956 by Dr. Sidney Cohen, which included an interview with Gerald Heard, an Anglo-Irish philospher who turned on a number of influential Americans in the 1950s. Among […]

Neuroscientist Explains Her First DMT Experience

My first time smoking DMT was one of the most moving and permanently life-altering events in my life. In a good way. I knew and felt perfection and still live with the knowledge that lesson gleaned me. I share that experience here.

As I watch this podcast by Amber Lyons and her guest, I can’t help […]

Retired Police Captain Makes the War on Drugs Look Ridiculous

Take fifteen minutes and hear LEAP co- founder Peter Christ talk about the disastrous consequences of the War on Drugs:

Suppressed Truth About Psychedelics

Amber Lyon, three time award winning journalist, tell us about her soon coming website, reset.me and how the healing properties of psychedelics can help transform us individually, and collectively in this dire time of need.

Ibogaine and Iboga Root Bark Media

While Ibogaine and iboga root bark are still fairly obscure medicines there has been some great media created that highlight its effectiveness and story.

Starting with my favorite, here’s ‘Ibogaine: Rite of Passage’.  This is one of my favorites as it covers the traditional African use of this medicine as well as it’s modern Western […]