The Rule of 5

I’ve spent a good decade or so trying to learn how to manage myself. The career path that I’ve chosen is one where I get to work from home, and working from home has a lot of obvious bonuses, but those freedoms come with more than enough leeway for you to get tangled in […]

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Looking Back on Liberty Root and Ibogaine Therapy

It’s been more than a year and a half since Liberty Root got started providing ibogaine to those seeking it.  My business partner Garyth and I met at the Global Ibogaine Therapists Alliance conference in Vancouver, October 2012 and combined our resources, helping three people ‘underground’ before starting a business specifically dedicated to iboga therapy. […]

One Way To Evolve Beyond Depression

This is email between me and someone who was inquiring about treating depression with ibogaine. Depression often presents as more ingrained than even addiction to heroin. It is often easier for us at Liberty Root to get a person off of dope than it is to help someone out of their depressing world view, which […]

Coming Out of the Closet – My First Time Smoking DMT

An excerpt from Sex, Drugs, and Spirituality by Trevor Millar.


One day in ’02, bored and lazy at the office, I was surfing, a mysterious vault of information on different psychotropic substances with “trip reports” of people’s experiences. I was researching DMT.  I hadn’t looked up, or even really heard of DMT before this, although The Cosmic Serpent had mentioned […]

Be A Superhero

Don’t we all love the hero’s tale of coming upon impenetrable hardships only to realize the seeming blockade had only been a temporary hiccup, one of many on the way to the prize of peace? This story played out in almost every movie, from Star Wars to On Golden Pond. The journey mapped out […]

May the Cosmic Habit Force Be With You

May the force be with you!  That iconic ‘goodbye’ from one Jedi to another.  Is this simply fantasy, or do we have a force that is with us?

An old saying goes, “first a man makes his habits, then the habits make the man.”  We see this with both ‘good’ habits, those that are empowering […]

Self-Help and Ibogaine

The reason I am in the business of helping people ingest ibogaine therapeutically can be traced directly to exposure to what I call ‘personal development’ or ‘self-help’ materials.

In 1999 I was well on my way to becoming a lifelong hotelier.  Twenty-two and already front desk manager for a couple years, giving university grads jobs […]