After the Flood – A Doctor Takes Ibogaine

Special thanks to our guest author.  It was an honour to treat you.  xo

I don’t know how long I’d been procrastinating on having my own personal experience with ibogaine. Maybe two years, maybe five. I’ve worked with a private ibogaine detox facility for several years, providing medical and addiction medicine consultation to scores of […]

The Microdose

One of the most exciting frontiers of the psychedelic renaissance is exploration through microdosing. This means taking a miniscule dose of a psychedelic substance, an amount so small that it is almost sub-perceptual, and experiencing any grace it might offer. Oftentimes with high dose psychedelic experiences the level of astonishment and awe are so profound that […]

On God

I do know there is One God.

One of It’s attributes is the intelligence in the sum total of all manifestation. In even a single blade of grass there is an intelligence present that never sleeps. It’s the same force orchestrating the galactic dance, and it never steps away from It’s responsibilities as perpetuator of […]

How I Became The Happiest Person I Know

By Susie Moore

Many people have asked me over the years how I always manage to be so happy. After my father died when I was 19, and when I was going through a divorce at age 22, people used to say they never would’ve guessed what I was going through, because they thought I […]

To Master the Demon

Excellent piece by Aubrey Marcus:

“There is a great fable told by Tom Brown in his book Awakening Spirits. In my slightly modified version it goes something like this:

There once was a man who lived in the wilderness next to a powerful wizard. The word in the glen was that the wizard had the ability […]

CNN Asks, Can Taking LSD Make You a Billionaire?

It’s exciting for us at Liberty Root whenever we see psychedelics, like Ibogaine, reported upon by the mainstream media. There has been a lot of propaganda against these powerful medicines, so the more spin we can see in healthy directions towards their therapeutic potential, the better.

Check out this segment from CNN’s @EricaFink’s Sex, Drugs […]

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    Thinking As a Collapse of Wave Function – Bringing Heaven Down to Earth

Thinking As a Collapse of Wave Function – Bringing Heaven Down to Earth

It’s pretty easy to see the weird thing in the famous Double-Slit Experiment that gave birth to basic quantum understanding and get slightly baffled by its implications. Here are links to a couple of great introduction videos relevant to this post:

Dr. Quantum – Double Slit Experiment – Fun Cartoon!

Double Slit Experiment Explained – Physicist […]

A Certain Context – Investigating the Meaning of Life

I’ve been an unabashed truth seeker for at least a decade, looking for those chinks in the matrix that might unveil a clearer picture of what’s actually happening as we navigate this world that science is quick to admit, is a complete illusion. We seem to be looking at a table, but in reality […]

Tipping a Sacred Cow

People who don’t believe in God, aren’t sure about God or harbour doubts about their own beliefs, lack faith because there’s little evidence of an all-powerful God in most lives.  I dare say that’s because people aren’t aiming high enough in their seeking.  You’ll not find God enhancing the mundane because God is found in realms […]

Psychedelics as Evolutionary Tools

A couple of psychedelic substances early on in life introduced me to the fact that they have the power to teach us something.  This was well before I had been introduced to the idea accepted in certain circles of them being therapeutic tools. In my adolescence I remember commenting while deep into one of […]