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    Psychedelic Entrepreneurship – Trevor Millar, Liberty Root Therapy Ltd.

Psychedelic Entrepreneurship – Trevor Millar, Liberty Root Therapy Ltd.

Embark on a journey of psychedelic entrepreneurship, or manifesting your soul into a business or enterprise. An inspiring talk given by Trevor Millar, co-founder of Liberty Root Therapy Ltd. This presentation doesn’t touch on too much about ibogaine, but more on some of the tools and attitudes that were used to form Liberty Root […]

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    Trevor Millar on Facebook Live Talking Ibogaine, Opioids, Prohibition and Psychedelic Therapy

Trevor Millar on Facebook Live Talking Ibogaine, Opioids, Prohibition and Psychedelic Therapy

Liberty Root Therapy Ltd’s owner Trevor Millar has gone LIVE recently on Facebook to bring attention to some issues that are important to him and the world.  This page will be a storehouse of those videos.

In this first video, Trevor digs into the fact the world is facing an opioid crisis and that ibogaine […]

The Microdose

One of the most exciting frontiers of the psychedelic renaissance is exploration through microdosing. This means taking a miniscule dose of a psychedelic substance, an amount so small that it is almost sub-perceptual, and experiencing any grace it might offer. Oftentimes with high dose psychedelic experiences the level of astonishment and awe are so profound that […]

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    Canadian Medical Association Journal Talks Psychedelics – Podcast

Canadian Medical Association Journal Talks Psychedelics – Podcast

“For the times they are a-changin'” ~ Bob Dylan

The Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) has taken a bold and exciting step in their latest issue with an article published regarding the re-immergence and importance of looking at psychedelics as therapeutic tools.

Take a listen to this CMAJ Podcast interview with Dr. Matthew Johnson, Associate Professor of […]

CNN Asks, Can Taking LSD Make You a Billionaire?

It’s exciting for us at Liberty Root whenever we see psychedelics, like Ibogaine, reported upon by the mainstream media. There has been a lot of propaganda against these powerful medicines, so the more spin we can see in healthy directions towards their therapeutic potential, the better.

Check out this segment from CNN’s @EricaFink’s Sex, Drugs […]

Exploring Psychedelic Medicines

Please take some time to check out this excellent summary of an evening with MAPS Canada.


Coming Out of the Closet – My First Time Smoking DMT

An excerpt from Sex, Drugs, and Spirituality by Trevor Millar.


One day in ’02, bored and lazy at the office, I was surfing, a mysterious vault of information on different psychotropic substances with “trip reports” of people’s experiences. I was researching DMT.  I hadn’t looked up, or even really heard of DMT before this, although The Cosmic Serpent had mentioned […]

A Great Piece of Psychedelic History

Since starting to work with ibogaine, I’ve sought out teachers, mentors, and resources that might help me along this path.  I quickly discovered that there have been brave pioneers that in-spite of the illegal nature of these medicines kept working with them in a therapeutic fashion, but did it underground.

One great example was Leo […]

Party Drug or Psychedelic Medicine? How Intention Shifts the Meaning of Psychedelics, Making them Medicine.

The intention a person puts behind the use of a psychedelic is what’s going to determine whether or not that psychedelic becomes a medicine, or a party drug.  Youthful experiments with psychedelics is not to be totally frowned upon, as that’s where most of this generation developed their appreciation for these powerful tools, but […]

Is Ibogaine Psychedelic Medicine? Will Future Generations Use Psychedelic Medicine To Treat Addiction?

It was Humphry Osmond, a British psychiatrist working in Canada, who first coined the term ‘psychedelic’, which he said meant ‘mind manifesting’ from the Greek psyche (mind) and delos (manifest).  Osmond himself was studying the effects psychedelic medicine, using LSD to treat alcoholics, with a 50 percent success rate.  In a rhyme he once wrote […]