Gabor Maté Talks Ibogaine for Addiction Interruption

Liberty Root Therapy Ltd. owner/operator Trevor Millar shared the stage with esteemed addiction doctor Gabor Maté at the Psychedelic Psychotherapy Forum in Victoria, BC in October, 2015 to discuss Ibogaine and it’s powerful anti-addictive properties.  For the full presentation on the protocols used at Liberty Root, click here.

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    Trevor Millar with Gabor Maté – Ibogaine and the Treatment of Addictions

Trevor Millar with Gabor Maté – Ibogaine and the Treatment of Addictions

Liberty Root owner/operator Trevor Millar had the honour of sharing the stage with Dr. Gabor Maté for the Psychedelic Psychotherapy Forum at the University of Victoria in October 2015.  Each shared their experience and knowledge around the powerful addiction interrupting qualities of Ibogaine.  Please take some time to check it out here:



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    If You’re Addicted to Heroin, Consider Trying Ibogaine – VICE CANADA

If You’re Addicted to Heroin, Consider Trying Ibogaine – VICE CANADA

This is an excellent write up done by a client who passed through Liberty Root a couple of years ago.  Source.

By:  Jesua

We reached the Healing House just outside of Vancouver in a top down convertible. I didn’t drive, but the cold wind thrashed me as I wondered how healed I was actually going to […]

After the Flood – A Doctor Takes Ibogaine

Special thanks to our guest author.  It was an honour to treat you.  xo

I don’t know how long I’d been procrastinating on having my own personal experience with ibogaine. Maybe two years, maybe five. I’ve worked with a private ibogaine detox facility for several years, providing medical and addiction medicine consultation to scores of […]

Looking Back on Liberty Root and Ibogaine Therapy

It’s been more than a year and a half since Liberty Root got started providing ibogaine to those seeking it.  My business partner Garyth and I met at the Global Ibogaine Therapists Alliance conference in Vancouver, October 2012 and combined our resources, helping three people ‘underground’ before starting a business specifically dedicated to iboga therapy. […]

WTF is IBOGAINE?! – Ibogaine FAQ

What is Iboga?

Iboga generally refers to the root bark of the Tabernanthe Iboga shrub native to West Africa which has been consumed by native cultures ceremonially and medicinally for millennia.

What is Ibogaine?

Ibogaine is an alkaloid with psycho-active and anti-addictive properties found in at least iboga root bark and voacanga africana.

Where does it come from?

The […]

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Can Harm Reduction And Ibogaine Save Lives?

Addiction is a sticky subject.  Partly because of the nature of addiction itself in that you’re stuck doing something you know is bad for you, and partly because of the way drugs and addiction trigger emotional responses in people.  It’s often considered drug addicts are simply bad people and they deserve any suffering they […]

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Ibogaine Therapy in Canada


Ibogaine Canada:  For many years, people seeking ibogaine detox therapy saw traveling to Mexico as the only choice.  And while there are great providers in Mexico, the country itself comes with travel advisories for US and Canadian citizens.  This leaves people asking, “What about Ibogaine in Canada?” While ibogaine has been outlawed in the United States for decades, Canadian […]

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