Prepare for Cancer Now! – Holistic Treatments to Consider

It’s been my observation so far in life, that when people, whether friends, family, or strangers I hear about, get diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease, like cancer, the diagnosis is so fearful and debilitating, that they turtle, and submit to whatever conveyor-belt of a treatment their well-meaning, yet systemically bound, western doctor throws […]

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A Certain Context – Investigating the Meaning of Life

I’ve been an unabashed truth seeker for at least a decade, looking for those chinks in the matrix that might unveil a clearer picture of what’s actually happening as we navigate this world that science is quick to admit, is a complete illusion. We seem to be looking at a table, but in reality […]

Jaguar Medicine Ceremony

A couple of months ago I had the privilege of attending a 5-MeO-DMT ceremony conducted by one of my friends/colleagues in the basement of a house that has been remodeled with hosting ceremony in mind.  It was a beautiful ceremony and it’s changed my life in a way I never would have expected.

On my way […]

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Looking Back on Liberty Root and Ibogaine Therapy

It’s been more than a year and a half since Liberty Root got started providing ibogaine to those seeking it.  My business partner Garyth and I met at the Global Ibogaine Therapists Alliance conference in Vancouver, October 2012 and combined our resources, helping three people ‘underground’ before starting a business specifically dedicated to iboga therapy. […]

A Great Piece of Psychedelic History

Since starting to work with ibogaine, I’ve sought out teachers, mentors, and resources that might help me along this path.  I quickly discovered that there have been brave pioneers that in-spite of the illegal nature of these medicines kept working with them in a therapeutic fashion, but did it underground.

One great example was Leo […]

Holding Space for Healing

One of the greatest honours I have in my life is being able to ‘hold space’ for people who are undergoing a therapeutic psychedelic journey.  Through my work with ibogaine I have become an ardent student in how best to play my role while being a part of someone’s inner journey.  An early impression […]

Be A Superhero

Don’t we all love the hero’s tale of coming upon impenetrable hardships only to realize the seeming blockade had only been a temporary hiccup, one of many on the way to the prize of peace? This story played out in almost every movie, from Star Wars to On Golden Pond. The journey mapped out […]