The Microdose

One of the most exciting frontiers of the psychedelic renaissance is exploration through microdosing. This means taking a miniscule dose of a psychedelic substance, an amount so small that it is almost sub-perceptual, and experiencing any grace it might offer. Oftentimes with high dose psychedelic experiences the level of astonishment and awe are so profound that […]

How I Became The Happiest Person I Know

By Susie Moore

Many people have asked me over the years how I always manage to be so happy. After my father died when I was 19, and when I was going through a divorce at age 22, people used to say they never would’ve guessed what I was going through, because they thought I […]

Coming Out of the Closet – Not a Loser but Still a Pot Smoker

Do you enjoy a hoot? Does it undo the fetters of the week, or day? Does it expand your consciousness into new realms of connection and understanding? Has it made you a more spiritual person; more compassionate; less aggressive? Has it saved you from other addictions, like one to alcohol, that most destructive and […]

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    Are We Striving for Self-Destruction? Happiness Lies Beyond This

Are We Striving for Self-Destruction? Happiness Lies Beyond This

It wasn’t a mystery to Allan Watts a few decades ago as to why our world had seemingly gone mad. We have unknowingly been lead by agendas that do not serve our ultimate well-being, but rather the greed of a few people. Some of the things we consider as inevitable aspects of living are […]

One Way To Evolve Beyond Depression

This is email between me and someone who was inquiring about treating depression with ibogaine. Depression often presents as more ingrained than even addiction to heroin. It is often easier for us at Liberty Root to get a person off of dope than it is to help someone out of their depressing world view, which […]