We’re infected by a general feeling of malaise or depression so common we barely notice it.  Some suffer more than others, but it is not a new predicament.  One of our oldest stories starts with a chapter on man’s first depression; that symbolic movement from ‘all is well,’ to suffering as the norm. Thoreau observed in 1854 that “the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” The complication seems one with the root of our culture.

Moving from ‘at peace’ to ‘not at peace’ could be based upon a shift in focus.  The context from which you see an event determines the meaning that event has for you.  One easy example is to consider a situation in which you’re being held at knifepoint, the perpetrator clearly has an intent to kill.  This is scary, until you realize you’re dreaming.  A simple yet profound context shift from ‘this is real and I am in danger’ to ‘oh, I’m only dreaming.’

‘Knowledge of good and evil’ is said to have been the compelling force that drove our kind from paradise. Judgment between good or evil is something that takes place on the level of consciousness.  You can’t eat it.  These early storytellers may have been referring to a shift like the one described above that moved mankind not physically, but psychologically, from paradise to earth as we know it.  Abandoning a harmonious mental framework, and the peace that comes with it, to a discordant and therefore depressive state. Psycho-spiritual plant medicines like ibogaine and ayahuasca seem to aid in the facilitation of corrective shifts, helping to uncover the buried holistic context.  

Stories from ibogaine experiences often include descriptions of re-experiencing past life events, but from a new context, like having the ability to use your ‘adult’ mind to review something that happened to you as a child.  Your memories of trauma may lock into your being through the emotional response of the child, but seen from the perspective of your adult self (or better) a shift can occur, freeing energy from that anchor.

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