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An apocal-optimist who expects amazing things out of the downfall of global corruption. Dedicated to the betterment of humanity through self-improvement. Committed to those who suffer because of the knowing that one part cannot be sick without the whole being sick. All for One and One for All. Co-owner at Liberty Root.

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    Are We Striving for Self-Destruction? Happiness Lies Beyond This

Are We Striving for Self-Destruction? Happiness Lies Beyond This

It wasn’t a mystery to Allan Watts a few decades ago as to why our world had seemingly gone mad. We have unknowingly been lead by agendas that do not serve our ultimate well-being, but rather the greed of a few people. Some of the things we consider as inevitable aspects of living are […]

Einstein on Prohibition

“The prestige of government has undoubtedly been lowered considerably by the prohibition law. For nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced. It is an open secret that the dangerous increase of crime in this country is closely connected with […]

What’s Wrong with the War on Drugs

What’s wrong with the war against drugs
The Guardian, February 2001

By Nick Davies (Source)

On April 3 1924, a group of American congressmen held an official hearing to consider the future of heroin. They took sworn evidence from experts, including the US Surgeon General, Rupert Blue, who appeared in person to tell their committee that heroin […]

Liberty Root Client Testimonial – How Ibogaine Has Transformed the Lives of this Mother and Daughter

It has been an honour to know and work with this amazing woman, Star, who was injecting heroin into her forehead after twenty years of abuse when she first appeared on our doorstep more than a year ago. Star’s mother was visiting Vancouver from London, Ontario last week and insisted she took the Liberty […]

Prepare for Cancer Now! – Holistic Treatments to Consider

It’s been my observation so far in life, that when people, whether friends, family, or strangers I hear about, get diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease, like cancer, the diagnosis is so fearful and debilitating, that they turtle, and submit to whatever conveyor-belt of a treatment their well-meaning, yet systemically bound, western doctor throws […]

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    The Slippery Slope – From a few innocuous looking pain pills, to death

The Slippery Slope – From a few innocuous looking pain pills, to death

One of our missions here at Liberty Root is to help generate compassion, and help erase the stigma associated with addiction, especially one of the most debilitating addictions: heroin. One of the most common stories we hear is about people who got addicted to pain pills at first, either through deliberate abuse; a doctor over-prescribing […]

CNN Asks, Can Taking LSD Make You a Billionaire?

It’s exciting for us at Liberty Root whenever we see psychedelics, like Ibogaine, reported upon by the mainstream media. There has been a lot of propaganda against these powerful medicines, so the more spin we can see in healthy directions towards their therapeutic potential, the better.

Check out this segment from CNN’s @EricaFink’s Sex, Drugs […]

Heantos – Exciting New Addiction Therapy from Vietnam

We at Liberty Root are happy to announce that we’ve helped facilitate the first Heantos opioid detox in Canada.

Heantos is a new herbal supplement from Vietnam that is showing incredible action in helping opiate addicts detox with minimal withdrawal symptoms. Initial anecdotal reports show that anywhere from 50 to 90% of withdrawal pains are […]

Magic Mushrooms Fixed Her! – Is Psilocybin the Anti-Depressant That Grows Out of the Ground?

A Patient Speaks from Patrick H. Murphy on Vimeo.

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    Thinking As a Collapse of Wave Function – Bringing Heaven Down to Earth

Thinking As a Collapse of Wave Function – Bringing Heaven Down to Earth

It’s pretty easy to see the weird thing in the famous Double-Slit Experiment that gave birth to basic quantum understanding and get slightly baffled by its implications. Here are links to a couple of great introduction videos relevant to this post:

Dr. Quantum – Double Slit Experiment – Fun Cartoon!

Double Slit Experiment Explained – Physicist […]