Iboga has shown itself helpful in interrupting most addictions, however different protocols can be used depending on the type of addiction being attended to.  At Liberty Root, we aim for lasting success with every client, therefore we don’t accept everyone immediately into our program.  A person must show a true desire for change. Ibogaine is an excellent addiction interrupter, but lasting results depend on a client’s willingness to do work themselves.

Ibogaine can be effective at treating addictions to short-acting opioids, like heroin or oxy’s, but not against long-acting ones such as methadone or suboxone.  For this reason, any person treated at Liberty Root must stay clear of methadone for at least three weeks, and suboxone for at least two months before the ibogaine treatment.  This is not a protocol adhered to by all ibogaine providers, but again, at Liberty Root we aim for lasting success and treating a person too soon off of long-acting opiates often leads unnecessary pain and relapse.

While a person who is addicted to short-acting opiates can take ibogaine as soon as they go into withdrawal from their last hit, a person who is hoping to beat an addiction to alcohol, cocaine, amphetamines or ketamine, for example, are subject to different protocols.  A person needs to be off of all of these substances for at least a week, most likely longer, to add to the safety of a treatment, and staying clean for a week or more is not an option for all addicts, therefore ibogaine is not everyone’s medicine.

Ibogaine seems to act on multiple human systems when combatting addictions.  The most pronounced attribute of an ibogaine experience can be the feeling of being worked psychologically. Throughout the experience an introspective state is opened to, and perspective can be offered on life and a person’s place in it.  This helps to explain it’s use as a tool for initiating children into adulthood by the ancient cultures who use iboga.  While the physical body displays little to no withdrawal symptoms because of ingesting ibogaine, it’s theorized that this physical aspect of the detox is somewhat a ‘sideshow’ compared to the spiritual and psychological healing which make ibogaine so potentially life-changing.

Due to the physically taxing nature of the treatment, heart and liver screening need to be completed and reviewed, supplements need to be taken, hydration needs be assured,  and a registered nurse is present during the treatment along with first aid equipment like IV fluids and an automatic external defibrillator present.  The more treatments we help with at Liberty Root, the more we see that ibogaine is not something that should be undertaken without professional help by those who understand and have worked with established protocols.  There is no ‘cookie-cutter’ reaction to ibogaine.  To take this medicine without knowing guidance is to put yourself or your loved-one at serious risk.

A client can expect to spend anywhere from four days to one week at the Liberty Root residential treatment facility with four star accommodation and care.

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