Since starting to work with ibogaine, I’ve sought out teachers, mentors, and resources that might help me along this path.  I quickly discovered that there have been brave pioneers that in-spite of the illegal nature of these medicines kept working with them in a therapeutic fashion, but did it underground.

One great example was Leo Zeff who is featured in The Secret Chief Revealed, a book covering the story of, and methods by which he did psychedelic therapy for over 3000 people.  One of the most remarkable things that came up in the book was that out of the thousands of people who experienced this therapy, the vast majority reported that it was the single most important event in their life.  This from a group who for the most part had never experienced a journey of this nature.

Another who continued their valuable work even though the powers that be had decided against it’s validity was Claudio Naranjo.  One beautiful perspective I found in his book The Healing Journey was that those of us who provide this medicine therapeutically should looks at ourselves as Virgil, Dante’s guide through the Inferno of hell and into purgatory in his epic The Divine Comedy.  Virgil allows Dante to visit each level of hell, while remaining as a constant reminder that there is still road ahead.  The therapist need not buy the reality of any specific way station along the way, but remind the client that this too shall pass, so bear witness to your experience, then surrender it and move on.

Hoffman’s Potion is one of my favorite documentaries on the history of psychedelic medicine.  It features Albert Hoffman, the man who invented LSD, as well as early scientists who were working with LSD in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada to induce psychotic states in themselves so as to better understand the skitsophrenics they worked with.  They also used LSD in the treatment of alcoholism and had a more than 50% success rate.

Please take an hour to be entertained and enlightened and learn about the pioneers in this cutting-edge field:

Hoffman’s Potion